Saturday, October 11, 2014

PD Day Fun With Rice Krispies #RKHalloween

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Friday marked the first PD Day of the year for my boys (around here, the Friday before Thanksgiving is always a pd day, making it a 4 day weekend).  In the morning they had their routine eye exams (where we discovered the Mr. K has quite a high prescription and will need to wear glasses all the time.  Mr. J has a minor one, and she is leaving it up to us whether we fill it or not).

We had lunch at Subway (Mr. J ate almost an entire 12 " veggie sub) while we waited for the drops to do their thing in Mr. K's eyes, then headed back to the optometrist.  When the appointment was over, we made our way back home and got started in the kitchen with some Halloween themed Rice Krispies treats.

Earlier in the week, we received our latest Kellogger's package and while I made the Rice Krispies mixture on the stove, the boys went through the box planning out what they wanted.
the goodies in our kellogger package!

Once the mixture had started to set in the pan, we got out the cookie cutters and made the shapes they wanted.  Mr. J chose a large pumpkin, Mr. K chose as ghost and I went with the Halloween cat.  Once we had the shapes out, the boys set to decorating their treats.

Kellogg's has some ideas on their website for different Rice Krispies treats, as well as other recipes - I am excited to try some of them out.

When we were finished making our Rice Krispies Treats, we sampled some and saved some for later. As a treat, we ordered in Chinese Food for supper (I LOVE Vegetable Cantonese Chow Mein) and watched Eight Below (it's the first time the boys have seen it) They loved seeing the dogs and Mr. J was as sad as I was in certain parts.

How do you spend PD Days with your children?

We received the package as part of the Kelloggers Canada program. All opinions are honest and belong to Tales of Mommyhood. Your opinion/experience may vary.


  1. We enjoy to make treats as well and will try it will rice Krispies and cut outs.Looks like you both had lots of fun

  2. What a great way to have some fun and they are yummy too


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