Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Have You Had Superman In Your House?

A few weeks ago, I was getting lunches ready for school and hear "I AM SUPERMAN" coming from upstairs....then a loud thump, and two little boys crying.

I made my way upstairs to find them both on the floor in tears.  Mr. K was holding his mouth, and Mr. J was holding his head.

THIS is what happens when little brothers decide they are Superman and can fly off the couch (please note - little brothers CANNOT actually fly)

When Mr. J took his hand away from his head, I noticed he was bleeding.  He gets SUPER upset when he is bleeding, so I had to very calmly ask him to come downstairs, and then make sure he didn't look in a mirror and see the blood.

Mr. K was upset, his front tooth hurt (apparently his teeth hit Mr. J right above the brow, and he loosened one of them a bit) seems fine now, 2 weeks later.

Have your kids gotten hurt pretending to be super heroes?


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