Thursday, October 30, 2014

Do You Have Candy For Trick Or Treaters?

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I posted a vent/rant on my facebook page earlier today, and it has gotten QUITE a lot of attention.  I, personally, feel that if you have kids trick or treating, then your household should be contributing candy to the rest of the kids that are out on Halloween night (I also gave out candy BEFORE kids, and will continue to do so after).  I know it sounds judgmental, and I shouldn't feel this way....but I do.

I understand there are circumstances where someone can't be at home AND take their kids out, but there are many ways around that (leaving a bowl on your door step, having a friend/relative at your house or asking a neighbour - we gave out for our neighbours one year when they were away)

What are your thoughts?

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  1. I would feel guilty not giving out treats while my boys trick or treat. My husband stays and gives out the treats while I go out with our boys. :)

  2. A bit of candy but I like to give out pkgs of microwave popcorn or hot chocolate

  3. I actually bring fruit snacks and raisins out with me to hand out here and there while my fiance and I take our kids out :) I bought and bunch of those temporary tattoos boxes and nail art on sale after Halloween to hand out next year


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