Tuesday, October 28, 2014

10 Tips For A Safe And Fun Halloween

Halloween is lots of fun for kids and adults.  It's really easy to get caught up in the fun and excitement and forget about safety.  I have put together a list of 10 tips to keep everyone safe and still have a great time while trick or treating.

  1. Ensure the costume fits well 
    • not too long (a tripping hazard)
    • eye holes in masks should be large enough to see out of (or use face paint instead of a mask)
  2. Walk
    • it's exciting and kids tend to move quick, but walking is safer and helps to avoid any tripping hazards that may be out (pumpkins, decorations, chords) and also helps to keep from bumping into others
  3. Stay together
    • make sure to stay together while trick or treating. There can often be large crowds, and if you are together it's harder to get lost
  4. Have a plan
    • make sure your kids know what to do/where to go in case you DO get separated (parental contact information on costumes or treat bags is a great idea)
  5. Make sure you can be seen
    • bright colours make it easier to see. If a costume is a dark colour, add some reflective tape to the back and maybe a glow necklace for around their neck
  6. Walk straight
    • don't zigzag through the streets.   There will be cars on the road and it's safer to do one side of the street at a time
  7. No snacking
    • make sure the kids aren't snacking on their treats until an adult has checked them. Also, don't accept home made treats from people you don't know
  8. Don't enter any houses
    • make sure your kids know to stay on the porch, and not enter any houses (unless of course they know the residents and have your permission)
  9. Be watchful for cars
    • make sure to keep your eyes out for vehicles and bikes.  There are still people on the roads that are NOT trick or treating, and everyone (drivers and pedestrians) need to be aware so that all are kept safe
  10. Don't approach animals
    • there will be lots of dogs joining families during trick or treating, and lots of household pets answering the door.  Remember that while most are friendly, they may get scared of costumes so it's best not to approach
  11. Have FUN!
    • go out with friends/family and have fun! Enjoy this wonderful evening and the treats you will receive.  Remember to be polite and say thank you at all houses~


  1. This is a really great list of tips for Halloween night.

  2. a really good list, it's always best to be mindful of what's going on around us, we have to remember that kids know no fear and don't understand that there is danger out there. If they see their friends across the street, they are more than likely to rush across to them. So drivers also take extra care please.


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