Thursday, September 18, 2014

Walking Down Memory Lane

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I had a chance to sit down with a longtime friend yesterday.  We went to elementary school together, but became friends in 7th grade (1992). This is the friend that sat next to me on my bed many times, for many hours planning our future.  We would live next to each other, and marry best friends, our children would arrive around the same time so that they could grow up best friends.

Of course life rarely ever happens as we plan it, and over the years we have had ups and downs. Often months will go by without seeing each other, but it's the type of friendship that never changes. We always know the other is there if needed for whatever reason.

We got together in the spring and promised it wouldn't be so long between visits.  Life happens and I realized it had been 5 months, so I got in touch and we saw each other yesterday.

She brought with her a bag, and halfway through our visit she opened the bag.  In it were notes that we had written to each other all those years ago.  After grade 7 we never had classes together, so we would write notes when we had a chance and leave them in each others locker, or pass it in the hallway.

Reading them had us laughing - they were filled with lots of nothing.  Silly things like I am so bored; I like HIM so much (but of course, we didn't write names in case they fell into the wrong hands) Some of them even had code names (which REALLY had me thinking for a little while and then I remembered who they were - one of the code names still stumps me though).

It had us thinking about old times, some that were forgotten until something in a note triggered one of our memories.  It was so much fun to step back in time for those few minutes.

I had held onto mine for a long time, but then cleaning out the basement one day I got rid of them. Yesterday had me wishing I had kept them.


  1. This was sweet! I remember writing notes with friends as's sad that kids nowadays won't/don't understand all that. Technology kinda sucks lol, and it's all about texting, etc....

    Code names totally takes me back. Gr. 7 especially. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. thanks for visiting! It is kinda sad that kids won't have a keepsake of these types of things anymore

  2. What fun reminiscing about school days gone. In a couple of days you remember something else and chuckle to yourself and every one around you will give you the look

  3. How fun, it is always getting together with friends remembering old times! (Judy Cowan)

  4. Aww oh wow! :) That sounds like such an amazing time to be able to reconnect with an old friend and look through your old notes :) How cool is that

  5. I love reading the old love letters from my hubby

  6. Memories and friendships, two of the greatest gifts! A great way to spend the day. Sometimes I need reminding that my true great friendships should not be taken for granted.


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