Friday, September 5, 2014

Harvest Day at Billings Estate National Historic Museum

Photo taken from the Billings Estate National Historic Site Facebook Page
Have you had the chance to visit the Billings Estate National Historic Site?  I have not, although I have driven past a few times over the years.  I often think I should stop in, but just have not had the chance. I definitely need to change that after seeing all the great things they have to offer.
Whether you have been previously or not, you will want to mark your calendars for Harvest Day on September 14th.  Visit the museum and learn all about dairying!  Have the chance to try cow-milking, as well as demonstrations on how to make cheese, butter and ice cream (sounds like a delicious way to spend the day if you ask me!)

Have you ever milked a cow before? I had the opportunity to try it out when I was much younger, and it was a very interesting experience.  I am really big on making my own food, and have made butter a few times - much different experience when you have the convenience of a kitchen-aid mixer!

Admission to harvest day is very affordable at $16/family (or $6/person - $10/pair).  The kids will have just started back to school, which can be really busy leaving not much time to connect as a family.  Take a few hours out of your busy schedule and relax while having some quality time together.


  1. Never heard about it before but it does sound like it would be an interesting day. A little too far for us to drive though.

  2. This farm sounds amazing. Like Judy, I'm quite a long way away, but if I ever go through those parts, I'll be sure to stop by!


  3. Looks like an awesome family activity

  4. We're looking forward to all the harvest days around our neck of the woods. We live in the Niagara region...already lots to do. Can't wait to take my little girl to the pumpkin patch!

  5. Hmm, apples... apple pie, apple crumble and apple fries

  6. This sounds like a fun, interactive family experience!


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