Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Shark Week 2014

Shark week 2014 started on August 10, and our PVR has been working overtime since then.  Hubby can't miss the episodes that are aired during this time every year.

My kids love watching it with him, and I find that I am often drawn in.  They are such fascinating creatures, I really enjoy learning more about them and seeing some of the up close footage.

Are you a fan of shark week? Do you like watching Jaws?


  1. I cannot say that I am a fan but we have watched a couple of movies, usually they are so bad we turn to another channel

  2. Shark week is one of my favourite weeks of the summer!!

  3. I'm a HUGE fan of shark week, aside from some of the made up stories, some of the footage of those sharks is pretty awesome!

  4. The first and second JAWS movies are the best

  5. I didn't even hear about Shark Week!


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