Saturday, May 31, 2014

Displaying Family Memories

Growing up my aunt and uncle had a wall in their home that was dedicated to photo's of their family.  All of the BEST pictures went on that wall in individual frames.  It stretched all the way from the kitchen to the front hall.  I would spent a lot of time looking at the pictures, some of which I had been there when they were taken, others I had never seen before.  Even now, as an adult, I walk down the hall and stop to look at all the great pictures of my cousins that they have there. 

It made me want to have a photo wall in my own home.  When we moved in, we didn't really have any pictures that seemed fitting for a photo wall.  Once we had Mr. J, I started to think about adding one, but it took a lot to convince hubby that it was a good idea. So long, in fact, that Mr. K was turning one when he finally agreed.

We decided on the wall leading up our staircase. Finding picture frames in Canada is pretty easy, and I found two collage frames that I really liked.  The next step was to decide which pictures I should use - I gathered a few baby pictures of each of the boys; some pictures from our Disney World trip and some other pictures of the boys that I love.

I sat down to get it all done, and it took a little longer than I thought....I also miscalculated the size of some of the pictures and needed to trim them down to make them fit.

I did leave a few of the spots open to add more pictures to, however that was 3 years ago and I STILL haven't gotten them finished (I am adding it to my to-do-list for the fall when Mr. K starts school and I am alone all day!)

Do you have a photo wall in your house?


  1. What a great post. Certainly reminded me of my childhood home and Grandparents. Sadly I have gotten caught up taking lots of pictures but they never leave the digital world. You have inspired me to do a home project cheers.

    1. I am similar - lots of photo's on my phone and facebook

  2. I had a wall of photos when we lived in the city. Most were of my boy, but we covered a whole wall.That was years ago as he is now 16 and those photos were taken with film. We have moved recently and also have a new addition to the family. Not to mention everything is digital so it was waaaay too easy to accumulate hundreds/thousands of photos before you get the chance to print them out. I have a very noticeable difference in the amount of physical photographs on the walls between my older boy and my baby girl. Must fix that.

  3. My upper hallway is my picture wall, my wedding, my parents and husbands parent wedding pictures. Our children and grandchildren take up the rest of the wall space

  4. We also put picture frames on the walls by our staircase and have many people comment on how much they like our collage.

  5. My 2 boys occupy our second floor so we have two walls dedicated to just them up there. It looks amazing!


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