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{Book Reviews} Rose and Rose and the Lost Princess

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Rose tells the story of a very young girl living in an orphanage. Rose was left at a church when she was a baby, and never knew her parents.  The book starts off many years later when Rose is chosen to go work as a maid in Mr. Fountain's house - he is an alchemist.

While Rose has always known that she could make things happen that others couldn't, she doesn't truly identify that she has magical powers until she is living in the Fountain household. Mr. Fountain is an alchemist, and with all the magic in the house Rose's powers seem to develop even more.

When it is noticed that children have started to go missing from their homes, streets and parks, Rose and the magician's apprentice devise a plan to catch the kidnapper.

The book held my interest and I think that tween girls would probably really enjoy it. There are a few chapters that aren't scary exactly, but may not settle well with young children.

rose and the lost princess, tween books, holly webb, magic, princess, castle

The next book in the series focuses more on Rose becoming an apprentice as well (and keeping up with her maid duties). She starts to learn more about different types of magic and how to perform different spells.  In this story, a princess goes missing from the castle and Mr. Fountain and his 2 apprentices go to live at the castle while they try and find her and figure out how she went missing.

It was interesting to see how the characters and the relationships between them developed in the 2nd book. I really enjoy Rose as a character, and the magical cat Gus is a favourite as well!

You can learn more about author Holly Webb and her books on her website.  To purchase any of the Rose books (or others) you can find them at Chapters.

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  2. I would LOVE to win this for my daughter, she is such a fan of books. She has loved reading since she was young, all different styles of books. Thank you for the chance !

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  5. I would love to win it for my friends daughter

  6. I would love to win this for my daughter.

  7. Sounds like a fun book, bet my daughter would love it!

  8. This sounds exactly like something my daughter would enjoy. She is an avid reader and is always looking for new series to try.

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