Thursday, April 10, 2014

Family Game Night

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When I was young, my family played board games, card games and dice games all the time. Monopoly, scrabble, rummoli, yahtzee, spite and malice were all regular additions to our kitchen table.

I knew that when we had children, I wanted to continue that. We started playing Candyland with Mr. J when he was young, and snakes and ladders as well. As he got older, we bought Guess Who and Connect 4. He would play The Game of Life with hubby and we broke out the game "Sorry" a few months ago.

It's a little difficult to play games with Mr. K around - he doesn't have the focus or attention for the game, and he ends up getting bored and destroying our progress. It's best (for the time being) to just play when he is asleep or busy with either myself or hubby and the other one plays a game with Mr. J.

I am a big Monopoly fan (while hubby is not) I also really enjoy Scrabble, and am excited for when the kids are a bit older and can play the regular version. For now, we play Scrabble Jr.

scrabble jr, games, family time
Playing Scrabble Jr with Mr. J
Do you have family game nights? What is your favourite game to play? What game are you excited to play with your kids as they get older?


  1. we used to have game nights, our favourite was Monopoly and we have some dvd games we played as well, oh and can't forget Sorry that one was played quite a bit

  2. We font have a family game night but we do play games with DS6 as we we or on his speech.

  3. I remember playing Poleconomy way back when. My Mom loved playing cribbage with us because she could beat us (her words, not mine, smile). At age 4, my kids like playing high energy activities which makes this old Mom tired. Can't wait until running around is replaced with board games.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  4. We used to play games but got away from it :( It is something we really need to get back into doing! (Judy Cowan)

  5. Family Game Night is a great way to staying connected with your family while having fun. Thanks for sharing.

  6. IF YOU START THIS WHEN YOUR CHILDREN ARE YOUNGER IT WILL CARRY ON THROUGH THEIR TEENS (not as much), amazing the conversations you will have


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