Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Chuck and Shut is Clean!

You probably read the title of this post and have absolutely no idea what I am talking about. Only a select few family members probably understand.

Growing up, we had a Tupperware cupboard. It was the corner cupboard that connected the L shape of the kitchen counter.  I am sure you understand how difficult it is to keep lids and containers organized, and my mom named this corner the "Chuck and Shut" (you chuck it in and shut the door quick so nothing comes tumbling out).

Of course, our chuck and shut was messy and disorganized more because of me and my brother, my mom is a pretty organized person. She would pull everything out a few times a year and re-organize it.

When hubby and I moved into our place, we also have a corner cupboard that houses our Tupperware (well, it's not actually Tupperware, more like ziploc and no name containers) and since I am nowhere near as organized as my mom, it has pretty much been a chuck and shut for 8 years.

It was so bad lately, that I wouldn't even let hubby OPEN it for fear that it would all come falling out to the floor.  When something disorganized starts to bother ME - there is definitely a problem. My biggest issue with re-sorting it was that I didn't want to start it with the kids around.

My Mother-In-Law wanted to have them over for a visit this week, so I set to work. Before they left, I started emptying it (if it's all over my kitchen counters, it has to get put away!)

When I got home, I went through everything and recycled anything that didn't have a lid or a bottom. That was the most time consuming part (I can't get over how many lids I had with no containers). When that was done, I found some items that were broken or haven't been used in many years (a "perfect pancake" maker I just had to have when I was 21 and the griddle we bought when we first moved into the house - it saw a lot of use that first 2 years, but not so much after. The last time I used it, only one side of the griddle got hot - not sure why it went back in the cupboard)

After that, I washed everything I was keeping, wiped out the inside of the cupboard and then put everything away!

Do you have a "chuck and shut" type cupboard/closet in your house?


  1. It's nice to see that I'm not alone I definitely have one of these. As for the missing Tupper ware loss and/or containers it's just like the missing socks. Where do they go?

    1. glad I am not alone....and yes, JUST like socks!

  2. yep, the title of this post got my curiosit.

  3. I do have a "chuck and shut" area in our home. It's the cupboard under the china cabinet and I have had things come tumbling out. I keep rolling pins, tupperware and awkward sized serving dishes in there. I cleaned it out a couple of months ago but it's getting to the point where it needs it again. Your area looks so nice and neat that it gives me hope. Thanks!

  4. I have the same corner cupboard, and it's pretty much the same chuck and shut. I know I should clean it out but honestly it scares me lol, I'm thinking it would take me a whole day just to clean it out I bet there is over ten years of junk shoved in there and it's so deep it's like the black hole. Maybe one of these days I'll get enough courage and tackle that nasty corner cupboard..lol

  5. We just cleaned up our chuck and shut cupboard but, of course, it is starting to fill up and get disorganized again. Doesn't take long it seems!

  6. I love that name. I think we all have a chuch and shut cupboard.


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