Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March Break - Day 2

I absolutely love having Mr. J home for the break, we have had a lot of fun together already (we had some BeyBlade Battles yesterday, and we have made rainbow jello!) Today we did some errands together and spent some time with my mom.

They have done crafts, and we have watched movies....and they have FOUGHT like crazy....oh boy, how they have fought. That is the one thing I dislike about having school breaks - the fighting, the arguing and the bickering.

It still amazes me (and I can remember it being this way with my brother too) that they can be the WORST of enemies one minute, and the best of friends the next.

How are you handling the break with your kids? Do they get along well or is there a lot of fighting?

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  1. Oh my it was the same with my girls the fighting and bickering, I used to love when there was school breaks because my girls are going to be home with me, till they woke up the next day and I was pulling my hair out already and it was only day one, the joys of motherhood lol


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