Saturday, March 29, 2014

Baseball Equipment For Your Little Leaguer: A Parent's Guide

With the baseball season revving up, it’s sure to be a summer of fun in the sun for both fans and players alike. Little League has become a rite of passage for many American children, with kids all over the country signing up for the season. Marking its 75th year, The American Little League Association is stronger and more popular than ever before. If you’re the parent of a kid who’s heading off to participate in the nation’s favorite pastime, it’s easy to get confused by the range of baseball equipment on offer and what you actually need to buy to keep your child both safe and happy.

Get the right bat.
Few things can impact your child’s game like their bat can, and getting one that fits their size and ability can be a crucial element to their success on the field. For most kids 12 and under, a 2 ¼” barrel is perfect, and is also the standard size for Dixie Youth and Little League baseball associations. Some leagues are using slightly larger barrels at 2 ¾”, so it’s important to check with your team before purchasing baseball equipment. As a general rule, most kids do well starting out with a lighter bat, as it can help them to learn to swing easier. As they grow, you can increase the bat weight to help build their muscles and increase their home run swing potential. Bats come in a variety of materials as well. Check with your child’s coach to ensure you’re purchasing the one that complies with league standards for baseball equipment.

Choosing a glove.
Your kid’s glove is essentially an extension of their hand, and a good fit is important. Though as a parent it’s tempting to buy a glove they can “grow into,” opting for a child’s glove gives the best element of safety. When looking for baseball equipment from, you can engage with their experts to ensure that your child gets the exact glove they need. Try using a youth sizing guide which can help you select a glove based on the position your child is playing on the field, as well as the measurements of their hand. Both left and right-handed gloves are available. Youth sizes for gloves provide shorter, narrower finger stalls and a tighter wrist closure which gives greater control, helping to prevent those dangerous misses when catching.

The importance of protective baseball equipment.
Keeping your child safe on the field is generally your number one concern when you’re a parent. Fortunately, the Little League Association has come up with a handy checklist of safety baseball equipment items you may want to invest in if your son or daughter is planning on spending time on the field. Cups and pelvic protectors are a good idea for both boys and girls, as is a heart guard or rib protector. If your child wears glasses, it’s important to ensure that they’re shatterproof, as an accident with a mishandled ball could lead to serious injury. A mouth guard is also an excellent idea for all children, particularly when they’re batting.
Whether your child is taking the field for the first time or a seasoned pro, getting the right equipment can have a lot to do with their success. Look for online retailers that have a wealth of knowledge and experts on hand to ensure that you’re buying exactly what you need. The more information you have, the better off your child will be.  Visit the Little League site for more information on baseball equipment for your kids.


  1. Little league is one of those sports many Canadian children play. This post brings back many great memories with just the title! Great tips and I agree the right equipment is important.

  2. Thanks for the tips! These are great things to think about.

  3. These are great tips. I agree 100% that the right glove and bat are important. The importance of protective baseball equipment can never been said enough. Thanks for sharing.

  4. My eldest grandson, Sebastian is on a baseball team for the first time, equipment costs were low because we picked up a batting helmet at a garage sale


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