Thursday, January 30, 2014

Winterlude 2014 - January 31 2014- February 17 2014

When I think back on memories from my childhood, many of my favorites come from attending Winterlude festivities with my family.  My parents would take us out of school one day during Winterlude and we would visit Jacques Cartier Park and Snow Flake Kingdom.  We would go skating on the canal and of course enjoy a delicious beavertail (as good as they are, they always taste best when enjoyed outside at Winterlude).

For those not from the area, Winterlude is a festival that happens in late January/Early February every year. It has been running for over 30 years - this year being the 36th! , and attracts more than 600.000 visitors each year.  There are ice sculptures in Confederation park, Snowflake Kingdom if you cross the bridge into Gatineau or you can skate down the Rideau Canal.

I decided this year I would do a round-up of Winterlude posts from other Ottawa bloggers - check out the posts below to see how they have enjoyed Winterlude in past years.

Sandy at Canadian Blog House talks about the different festivals (including SnowFlake Kingdom) in Gatineau.

A Parents Guide to Winterlude from The Ottawa Mommy Club

Karen from Simply Fun Families made the trip to Ottawa with HER Family to take in Winterlude

Have you ever visited Winterlude? What is your favourite part?

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