Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Simple and Delicious Cookies and Cream Cake

I have seen a recipe floating around the internet for the last year that I wanted to try out. It only required a few items from your pantry/fridge and a few simple steps to have a delicious cookies and cream cake at your fingertips!

Last week while I was doing groceries I remembered the cake and picked up the items I needed:

2 packages of Presidents Choice Eat The Middle First Cookies (Oreo's would work, but these were cheaper)
1.5 containers of Cool Whip (or you could use real whip cream if you choose)
Milk (for dunking)

Step 1: Gather all ingredients and your cake pan

Step 2: Find a cute little helper

Step 3: Open the packages of cookies and dunk each in the milk for 2 or 3 seconds (not too long or the cookie will fall apart) and then place side by side in the cake pan

Step 4: catch your helper stealing the cookies to eat himself!  Once the cookies have been placed side by side on the cake pan, cover with a generous layer of cool whip

Step 5: Repeat above steps with remaining cookies and cool whip

Step 6: Garnish - I chose to use strawberries, but you could use chocolate syrup, crushed up cookie pieces or any other fruit

Step 6: cover and Chill for 12 hours before serving and ENJOY!

I did not create this recipe - I am unsure who the creator is, but I do not take credit for coming up with the recipe. The above pictures and steps ARE mine however


  1. That sounds delicious! I might have to try it after we move.

  2. Looks really good and easy! :)

  3. Love this! My mom used to make something similar when we were kids. Mmmm. Cool Whip.


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