Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mr. J and his BeyBlades

I wrote a little about Mr. J and his fascination with BeyBlades before Christmas.  He was super excited to find the stadium and new blades on Christmas morning.  Santa also brought him a few different types of blades in his stocking, and his dad picked up a few extra's over the holidays so that we could battle with him.

They discovered that he needed some kind of case for all of his blades and accessories, so they went out and bought a small plastic tool box for him to keep everything in.

Hubby and I each spent time with him having battles - sometimes we use the stadium, and other times we use an empty train table (which we have found makes a great stadium).  Mr. J and I had a few battles and I am happy to say that I actually won a few (normally he ends up winning)

Did your children spend their break playing with their Christmas toys?


  1. My son loves his beyblades too! And I just borrowed your awesome idea to keep them in a tool box. He has asked santa for beys two years in a row now because they keep coming out with different kinds of beys. It is so hard to keep track there are so many! We do like to battle in our house too, The original stadium is their favorite the beywheels is a close second. My kids did spend most of their break with the new toys, they got scooters from Santa too so I let them ride them in the basement until it's nice out. But they have a blast!

    1. No problem - it was hubby's idea because we kept finding bey's throughout the house! Glad your children are enjoying their scooters, even during the winter weather


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