Friday, January 24, 2014

Bye Bye Sami Brady

I will preface this by saying that I love TV. Yes, I know there are many more things I could be doing with my time when the kids are in bed, but I don't. I spend that time catching up on my shows - one of them being Days of our Lives.

As a longtime Days of our Lives watcher, I was very sad to hear that Alison Sweeney will be leaving the show later this year.  I was a tween when she started on the series and was always a big fan. Although her story lines were often odd and twisted, Alison Sweeney did an amazing job with whatever direction they took the character.

I, personally, am hoping that they will not re-cast the character and only write her out - who knows what will happen in the future - maybe she will decide to come back.  I am not a huge fan of re-casting roles immediately (I often find I have difficulty getting used to a new actor) - I would much rather see them write the character out for a bit (even if it's only a few weeks) and have them come back with a different actor.

What about you? Are you a TV fan - any favorite shows? Do you watch Days?


  1. I love my shows too! Been an avid soap watcher (because of my mom) for years! Two actors are leaving The Young and The Restless in the next few days. One made the decision to leave and the other was apparently fired. They are both great actors. One has already been recast and it is so hard to get used to recasts.

    1. :) I watched y&r off and on in high school, but never got hooked like I am with DAYS - thanks for visiting!


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