Tuesday, December 24, 2013

DIY Christmas Canvas - Handprint Christmas Tree

Mr. J is the bottom row and top print, Mr. K is the middle ones
I was searching for a Christmas craft that I could do with the boys. One that would stand up and last for many years to come.  The first place I searched, of course, was pinterest.

I came across a hand print Christmas tree done on canvas, and instantly knew that was what I wanted to do. I set off to Michaels to pick up the supplies we would need:

  • 1 canvas (whatever size you choose)
  • green paint
  • brown paint (I forgot this, so improvised with a crayon)
  • paint brushes
It's very simple - paint your child's hand green and then have them press prints onto the canvas in the shape of a tree!

We never got around to making it, but this morning when they woke up I decided it was time! We set up the kitchen table with newspaper and got to work.  I am thrilled with it, the hand prints are a little mixed together, but that's ok. I have their 3 and 6 year old hands as a Christmas tree, and I think that is pretty special.  


  1. Adorable tree - I love handprint art with the kids - it just never gets old! - and thank GOD for Pinterest!!!

    1. thanks! I would be lost for ideas without pinterest!

  2. Great craft to do with the grandkids while their parents are out Christmas shopping

  3. I did crafts with my kids hand prints when they were little...and they mean so much to me now that their hands are massive!

  4. This is very cool! Thanks cannt wait t try this!

  5. Thats so sweet will have to remember this come


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