Monday, October 28, 2013

Do You Steal From Your Kids?

Do you steal from your kids? I do. I steal their Halloween candy after they have gone to bed....yes, call me a horrible mother if you will, but there is no way I am letting them eat ALL the goodies they collect. I am saving their teeth and their health - I guess you can call me a good mom then!

When they arrive home on Halloween night, we dump out their goodies and I check them over. Once that is done, they are allowed to choose 3 items to consume.  After that, we discard any that they don't like.  Now, once they have gone to bed, I go through and take out any items that I LOVE (of course, if it is their favorite, then it stays) and it goes into a large roasting pan that is tucked away on the top of my kitchen cupboards. This only comes down at night, after they have gone to bed, for hubby and I to snack on!

I make sure to leave only enough candy for a few days in their bags, and they are allowed to munch on a few pieces a day.  They are even allowed to have it for breakfast on November 1st.....bad mom again!

What are your "rules" about Halloween candy? Does the Switch Witch pay a visit to your house? Do you dole it out or are they allowed control over it?


  1. My daughter's first Halloween she didn't know much about candy and spent her time sorting it into piles and playing with it. Needless to say, I got to eat most of it. I never had strict rules for how much they could eat or when, and I did steal quite a bit of it. I don't know if they noticed it was missing - they never said anything. Anyway, I guess that makes me a "bad Mom" on several counts.

    1. My boys were very similar the first time they went trick or treating! It was so much easier then, they didn't question where the candy went!

  2. I love the Halloween display! I do steal from my kids, but only a piece or two, I'm diabetic. It's got to be a very difficult time for kids who are diabetic!

  3. I usually eat things they dont like, okay okay I do steal those little bars from time to time :)
    (Tammy Dalley)


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