Wednesday, September 18, 2013

4th Annual Trip to Mountain Orchards for #applepicking

A few weeks ago I wrote about our wonderful visits to Mountain Orchards; that post preceded our most recent visit, which was this past weekend.

This year we went on a Sunday morning - we got there around 930, and it was not too busy.  By the time we finished our apple picking and enjoying our picnic, there was a wait for the tractors (they have 2 on the go). In our previous visits, we have never NOT been able to get on the wagon immediately, this time we had a short wait, there were 9 of us and that was too many to make the cut for the first one!

The kids had such a wonderful time! This was the first year that Mr. K really "got it". He was so excited to find the perfect apple and roll it off the tree!

mountain orchard apple picking

When we were loaded up with more apples than I think I will be able to use - we headed to the picnic tables (which are covered by tents) and had a quick lunch. Afterwards, HeartMom and I took the older 4 kids, and for the first time walked the nature trail.  The trail is 3/4KM, and it is a nice, easy walk.  The 4 kids and us 2 moms really enjoyed the trail and the crisp air!  So glad we decided to give it a go this year - although next year, I will make sure to put on running shoes, and not flip flops.

The kids enjoyed the time with their friends, we enjoyed the time with OUR friends, and can't wait until next year to go back.

You may wonder what I am going to do with all the apples we picked? As of now, I am 3/4 done the first bag - I have made 2 apple pies (frozen) 2 apple crisps (one frozen, one eaten) one apple cake (eaten) 2 dozen apple cinnamon cupcakes (making our way through them). Hubby takes them to work, the boys and I snack on them during the day and I also like to have an after dinner snack of an apple with skor dip!

I plan on making 2 more pies for the freezer, and a few more apple crisps as well!  Now tell me - what is YOUR favorite way to eat apples?


  1. That looked like a lot of fun! Wish we had that here in Saskatchewan.

  2. What a great way to spend a day! I like apples in a crumble, like my mom used to make.

  3. The Apple Picking looked like a family fun filled day. It also brings to mind that Fall/Autumn is right around the corner.


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