Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Mr. K

Today is Mr. K's 3rd birthday - hard to believe that it was 3 years ago he came into our lives; he has brought such joy to our family (and created some chaos as well).

Right after waking up today - on his 3rd birthday

happy birthday mr k

He chose to have a spiderman birthday party this year, and we held it at Brinkeetos with a few of his friends. Once I found out what it was he wanted, I had a vision of the cake I was going to make in my head.  It did NOT turn out quite how I wanted it; I was actually at the point of tears and was going to throw it out and remake it.  Mr. J was with me, and said that he loved it, and it did not matter if I liked it because I made it and Mr. K was going to love it.  That, of course, had me crying more - sometimes 6 year olds can be wise.  I decided to put it in the freezer and leave it until the morning. When Mr.K woke, I took him to see the cake and he was ECSTATIC - apparently, while it may not have met my standards, it certainly met or exceeded his.
He was super excited to head to Brinkeetos and see all of his friends.  I think all the kids had fun, they seemed to be enjoying the freedom to run around and play!


  1. Happy birthday to your little one! My oldest is celebrating her 9th birthday this week too - to me, as a mom every birthday is as special as the next! Enjoy your day and take tons of pictures :))

  2. Hope he had a wonderful birthday! They grow up fast!


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