Saturday, August 31, 2013

End of Summer Visit To ValleyView

Summer has come to an end, and we managed to cross 14 items off of our bucket list for this year.  To end the summer, we spent Friday morning at ValleyView Animal Farm (which was probably the TOP thing on the list for Mr. J this year, and I didn't think it would happen) and then went back to our friends place for lunch and a swim.

Today we will be heading up to my aunt and uncle's cottage for one last visit this year; there will be lots of family for a bbq and the kids are looking forward to playing on the beach.  

Here is the updated Summer Bucket List - we managed to cross off 14 out of 20 items on the list - not too bad!

  1. Go to Aunt Bev's Cottage
  2. Upper Canada Village
  3. Bike Rides
  4. Family Water Fight (we did this last week while hubby was on holidays)
  5. Go for ice cream
  6. Movie theater (we saw Monsters U. today!)
  7. Go to a splash pad
  8. Go to the park
  9. Work on learning to tie shoes
  10. Bake yummy treats
  11. Visit the fire station with my cousin (volunteer fire fighter)
  12. Visit to Funhaven
  13. Visit (or many) to Brinkeetos
  14. Have a sleepover (away from home and AT home)
  15. Have friends over for a game of tag  (not at home, but at the park)
  16. Visit the Childrens Museum
  17. Visit Valley View Little Animal Farm
  18. Visit the Central Experimental Farm
  19. Mini Putt
  20. Go Karts


  1. Wow! You've been busy making memories this summer. I guess I'll have to follow your example and make a list next summer - it seems that if it's not on a list as a goal, it doesn't get done.

    1. It really made me think about what we could do, and the memories we could make with our boys when we did our first list last summer!

  2. You have had a busy summer, looks like the kids are having fun!

    1. they really did - none of us are ready for back to school just yet;


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