Monday, July 15, 2013

The Tooth Fairy Makes a Visit.....or 2!

Last weekend my oldest son lost his first tooth - on the way home from soccer!  When he first came in the house and told me, I was concerned that maybe he had taken a ball to the mouth, but he and hubby assured me there was no impact - it was just a wiggly tooth!

Of course, he was super excited to know that the tooth fairy would be making a visit that night - and he was curious as to what she would leave him.  She ended up leaving him a $5.00 bill - but from what we have heard from others that have had visits, she only does this for the first tooth. We are under the impression that she leaves a loonie for all the other teeth that are lost.

However, a few days later he lost ANOTHER tooth!

Imagine my (and his) surprise when he woke up to a TWOONIE under his pillow! He was very excited to add $7.00 to his wallet this week.

Growing up I was very disappointed in the tooth fairy; when I lost my teeth, she left me a little bit of money. However, when one of my little friends lost teeth, the tooth fairy left Polly Pocket toys. I so wanted the tooth fairy to leave me a Polly pPocket, but she never did. Come to think of it, I never did own any Polly Pockets either......hmmm.

Has the tooth fairy been to your house recently?

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