Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kids and Pedal Cars

When my oldest was really young, I was on the hunt for a great little car for him.  I was really interested in the pedal cars I had seen (you know the ones - the red/orange ones that look like Fred Flinstone's car?) at the time - I had no idea what they were. I did a search and found out it was a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe.

I looked in the stores, but the cost was too high for me. I searched on kijiji and other similar sites, but any that I found were not in good condition.  I drove by garage sales every weekend with no luck. Finally, there was one by the curb with recycling/garbage across from my mom's place.  Mr. J was 2.5 at this point, and it was almost winter - so he didn't get much use out of it right away. However, he DID get lots of playtime out of it the following 2 summers.

Christmas 2011 Santa Claus brought Mr. K a pick up truck version of the coupe - and it has been one of the best toys we have (along with the plasmacar - another expensive toy that it totally worth it)

After seeing the boys playing and getting so much enjoyment out of it - I know that it is worth the initial investment. If you can get it used - all the better.

What are some toys that had you wondering if they were worth the price?

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  1. When my brother and I were kids, my dad found us an old "junker" from the 50's. It was in bad shape, but he restored it for us and it was a fav!

    As a new mommy, there are several toys that I've wonder about. The first one was an Evenflo Jungle Quest ExerSaucer Jump and Learn. That was a LOT of money for us to spend, but it paid for itself almost immediately. Our daughter fell in love the second she laid eyes on it. Some of her first words were giving the animals names. And, she started making growling animal sounds as she made them talk to each other. I honestly have no idea where she learned it from; she was only 6 months old when we got this for her and neither Daddy nor I had played that way with the animals that way yet.

    At 19 months old, she still loves the animal attachments and plays with them even though the ExerSaucer has been packed away for more than 7 months. I don't know how she'll react when we unpack it again for our son when he hits 6 months old! She may not share! LOL


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