Saturday, July 6, 2013

Angry Birds Birthday Party

Tales of Mommyhood angry bird party photos

Today was the day my son has been waiting for - his Angry Birds Birthday Party. He turned 6 on Thursday, and his party was this afternoon. It all started with the invites. We invited 9 friends - and 7 were able to attend. That meant we had NINE kids in our house running around (including my own two).

Here are a few pictures:

angry bird party table tales of mommyhood
Table set up for them with angry bird plates, pig and bird napkins and bird cups

We were outside in the yard when the kids arrived; the first 20 minutes or so were spent playing on the play structure and tag.  Then we headed inside and the kids were able to rotate through the game stations we had set up:

Angry Bird Bean Bag Toss (we used an existing bean toss frame, and hubby made a new insert to fit the angry bird theme)
angry birds bean bag toss tales of mommyhood

Piggy Bowling (I glued/taped a nose and eyes onto green plastic cups, and we used a large Chewbaca bird from the star wars line as the bowling ball)
angry birds piggy bowling tales of mommyhood

At-At Attack Game

tales of mommyhood at at attack game

at at attack star wars angry birds

Pin the tail on the bird (a large cling sheet that came in a set, I cut out tails for the kids to use)

pin the tail on the angry bird tales of mommyhood
Pin the tail on the angry bird

Next up was food - here is my version of a watermelon bird;

watermelon angry birds tales of mommyhood
watermelon bird - blueberries for eyes, cantaloupe for beak - we also had cucumbers, carrots, and celery
and then CAKE - I was hoping to make a really elaborate angry birds cake, however, my son came up with the design - since it was his birthday party and cake, I was happy to oblige. This is probably the easiest cake I have EVER made

Mr. J designed the cake - Kit Kats were used as the toppled structure and sling shot


  1. Looks like you had a fun day! What a great party!

  2. So creative. Love the watermelon and bowling! Looks like a fun time.

    1. thanks! the bowling was a last minute addition to the party - glad though, the kids had fun with it!

  3. Wow, somebody sure looked happy! Looks like you did an awesome job of throwing a special party!

  4. Happy birthday to J! He certainly looks like he's loving it all! And, of course, he's sporting the perfect shirt for the occasion. :) Great job, Mama!!!

    1. yes - I specifically bought him and his brother both angry bird shirts so they could wear them at the party. Thanks for stopping by

  5. Watermelon idea was GENIUS, I tell ya. Good work, Momma!

    1. not my idea - I saw it on pinterest! thanks for your comments!

  6. My girls are nuts for this app. They have almost all the incarnations. Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Star Wars, Regular Angry Birds. I love the watermelon too, but the bowling is awesome! That's something my kids and I can easily duplicate in my backyard!! Fun ideas. Thanks.

    1. thanks for visiting - I hope you have fun with the bowling!


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