Sunday, June 2, 2013

How To Make Your Own Angry Birds Birthday Party Invites

Mr. J decided that for his 6th birthday, he wanted it to be an angry bird party. I went searching online for ideas on decorations, food and games.  As I was searching (pinterest was a GREAT source for me) I found these really cute home made invitations (you can see her BLOG post)

how to make red bird invites
front and back of invites (the kids names are written on the front, where the white part is)

I am including a step - by - step below!

1) gather all your supplies (red, black, white and yellow construction paper, ruler, scissors and glue stick)
2) decide how big you want your invite and draw a template on 1 piece of red paper
3) cut the template, then continue by cutting out the rest of your invites
4) cut out circles from white paper for eyes (I traced around a large glue stick lid)
5) cut out small black circles for the pupil
6) cut out small strips of black for the brows
7) cut out yellow beaks (I made them 3d, but you coul just cut a triangle if you want(
8) cut out white semi-circles for the breast area

all my cuts are complete, ready to glue
9) glue the pupils onto the eyes

eyes are ready to go
10) assemble invites one at a time (I started with the beaks)

12) flip invite over and add details (I printed out my info, and then cut the paper to the size I wanted)

13) if you want, you can add the kids names to the white breast part on the front - which is what I did


  1. So cute! I love homemade invitations/cards. They are much more personal.

  2. These are very cute! Thanks for sharing!


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