Monday, May 27, 2013

Summer fun at the cottage

One of our favorite summer activities is heading up to my aunt and uncle's cottage.  It is only approximately 90 minutes away, which makes it easy to go up just for the day; we have stayed over a few times - but mostly it is a day trip for us.  We always stop at Tim Hortons half way up to get timbits and coffee; it's such an easy drive (well, except when Mr. K was a year old and screamed the entire way home...that wasn't so easy)

They purchased the cottage in 2008 and Mr. J took to it right away - here is a picture from our first visit

There are so many activities to do - swimming, building sand castles, collecting pine cones from the yard

watching the ducks swim across the lake

and playing in the boats they have

It took a few summers for Mr. J to be comfortable going out in the boat, which he can only do with my uncle, as none of us have our boaters license.  In Canada, anyone driving a boat is required to be licensed (it is now mandatory), you can check out the website here for more information.  

Another favorite activity is heading to the restaurant across the street from the cottage, they have delicious ice cream and the boys look forward to getting a cone to have! Sometimes we sit in the parking lot to eat them, but other times we cross the street back to the cottage and sit on the deck over looking the water!

Mr. J and Mr. K can hardly wait until our first visit to the cottage this summer.  What about you - what are some of your favorite summer activities or places to visit?


  1. Oh that looks like a boy's paradise! We actually go the other direction. We live up near cottage country, and go to Niagara Falls to visit family. Oh and yes, on our way out of town, we hit the Timmies! It's a Canadian MUST, right? LOL

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  2. Hope you have a great visit to the cottage this year. We always look forward to our first camping trip

  3. We love to go camping. I have fond memories of going with my best friend and her family to their cottage in the summertime!

  4. My brother bought a cottage two years ago and it's now my fave place to go! His children are fairly close in age to mine and to see all the cousins hanging out by a lake just kinda makes me feel like the world is all rainbows and unicorns! :)

  5. We literally live 4 seconds away from the cottages up here. We have people flying in and out from several other places and the states to go fishing and stay in the cottages! I love it up here. Great post! loved the pictures!!

  6. My parents' cottage is my favourite place on earth!

  7. We do not have a cottage but a friend of mine has. We enjoy the boats and the swimming. It is so relaxing

  8. That looks so fun!! I love camping and cottages. We can't wait to go to a cottage with the kids someday soon! Such great memories :)


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