Sunday, May 19, 2013

How we spent our May 2-4 weekend

After checking out the weather forecast earlier in the week, I had big hopes of spending the entire weekend outside with the boys. Hubby was going to be working all weekend - so I knew I needed to keep the kids busy so I didn't go crazy.

Saturday was absolutely beautiful, and we did manage to spend pretty much all day outside.  We started the morning by cleaning our family room (Mr. J and I; Mr. K got relegated to his bedroom because he was being quite destructive)  once we were finished cleaning, I threw ingredients for a french baguette into the bread maker.  After that, slathered the 3 of us with sunscreen and outside we went.
Our fantastic neighbour was outside gardening, so of course the boys wante to "help" (these particular neighbours are like another set of grandparents to my boys; so much so that they will invite themselves over to their house and be fed freezies and juice boxes to their hearts content.)  While the boys were trying to help, Dorothy was so patient with them.

Boys being Boys and climbing a tree

We were outside for a few hours and then I made them come in for a quick bite to eat and rest from the sun/heat.  It was with much protest from them, but it refreshed us all and we headed back outside for another 90 minutes or so until it was time to come in (they needed a bath - playing in the dirt all afternoon had them FILTHY).

After bath was dinner, and Mr. K fell asleep while I was getting it ready. 4:30pm he was passed out on the couch - and he was out until 6am!

This morning,  I was excited to see that it was 14 degrees, but noticed that the sun was nowhere to be found. After checking the weather forecast again, I was VERY disappointed to see that there was no sun to be found wasn't really cold - but the weather wasn't enjoyable.

We ended up heading to The Carp Custom Creamery, a new ice cream place that opened recently; owned by 2 wonderful people, Crystal and Dustin (owners of The Cheshire Cat Pub - great little pub, although they are closed at the moment while they restore from a fire earlier this year :( and Alice's Cafe).  While it would have been nicer had the weather co-operated with me, the boys enjoyed the treat and it was absolutely delicious! (They both opted for soft serve twists)

enjoying their soft serve twists

Carp Custom Creamery is just down the road from one of my aunts houses, so we made an impromptu visit - they have some wooded property and we took a quick walk to see the pond, then I headed home with the boys.  Hubby was home from work, so he took Mr. J out to get cleats and shin guards - soccer starts next weekend so we needed to prepare.

When they got home they went outside so Mr. J could get used to his cleats; then back in the house and we all watched Brave (love that movie).

Finished up with breakfast for dinner and then the hockey game!

How did you spend your weekend? Was the weather nice where you are, or were you stuck inside?


  1. Sounds like an awesome long weekend! My boys have been outside, and my oldest went to a trampoline b-day party today. I have been cleaning LOL

    Thanks for linking up with comment love! I totally appreciate it. You can link up again if you would like.

    1. Thanks Shari! Trampoline party sounds like lots of fun; the cleaning, not so much...I should have been doing that....

  2. It was beautiful here and we were outside every second we could be!

  3. Nice! I love long weekends and the promise of a lazier, gentler pace than a regular weekend. :)

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend. Our weather out west has been about as "good" - I haven't been able to do all the fun-in-the-sun type activities with Max that I wanted to. But least the snow is gone :)

  5. Sounds like a great long weekend. Ours was similar. WE spent all Saturday gardening at my moms, Sunday Hubs and I expanded our driveway by 3 feet. Lots of digging and Mud! ON Monday we finished the driveway extension with limestone and rocks and finished the day off with ice cream and sparklers!

  6. Wow you really tried Mr. K out didn't you? Sounds like you guys had lots of fun.

  7. Wow you sure tired out your little one! That's a lot of sleep. Sounds like you guys had tons of fun.


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