Saturday, April 13, 2013

Savings check in

A few months ago I posted about a neat way to build up your savings account. Since we are saving for Disney next year (hopefully) It was a great way for me to increase our savings (I am using this strategy in ADDITION to what we normally save)

I was looking at the account I have set up for this, and I am so happy to see that I am actually AHEAD of where I should be (interest played a SMALL part in that) but I also wanted to have an even number in my account, so I added a little extra one week.  Today marks the end of week 15 and the account is sitting at $732 (it should be at $675, so I am over by $57)

In addition to this, I have my regular savings account and hubby has his - so as long as nothing comes up that we need to dip into those accounts, and we can still continue to add to them like we normally do, we should be good to go.

How are you doing with your savings goal?

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  1. We are happy to finally have a good sized emergency fund. It really gives us peace of mind! Great post!


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