Friday, April 5, 2013

How to Make an Indoor Sandbox

The kids and I were outside a lot last weekend. One afternoon, we ended up at the neighbours and the kids were all playing together. Well, except for Mr. K because he is just too young to play with the other 3 (5, 10 and 12)  The boys are awesome because they always include Mr. J, and as you can see there is quite an age gap - but they never seem to mind.

She and I were chatting, and she pulled out this little home made sandbox for Mr. K to play with while the older boys were playing together.  All it consisted of was a rubbermaid container, sand and a bunch of little trinkets (rocks, shells, army men, little cars etc)  there were some leaves and other tiny items in it also.

This sand box (or sensory bin) kept Mr. K busy for a very long time, and I knew I needed to make one.

We headed to walmart to pick up a bin and sand.  Check out our final product below!

What you need:

Plastic storage bin of desired size (something not too deep)
Sand (enough for at least a 3 inch layer, but more if you like)
Trinkets for them to play with
Plastic tablecloth to lay underneath the play area

How to put it together:

Place your bin in desired area, and then remove lid

Get your sand ready:

Pour sand into bin and add your trinkets (sensory items)

Let them have fun:

This kept Mr. K busy for an hour; then we went to pick up Mr. J from the school bus and they BOTH played with it for another hour. I managed to get the main floor tidied up a bit, and dinner made all while they were busy playing together!

I think it will be a great activity for a rainy day - if it is warm, we could move it to the garage.  I do think I will need to get another one though, as it's not QUITE big enough for them to play together, and there were some squabbles.

Some of the items I placed inside were: plastic easter eggs left from our egg hunt, little cars, an old measuring cup, a sand shovel and some other plastic pieces left around that don't belong to anything!

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  1. Love this !! I would definately be giving it a go!! Great idea to travel with too for outside play at Grandmas' house!

    1. YES - it would be great for travel since it has a lid!

  2. Great idea! I'm sharing this with my bff! She'd love it!

  3. I've purchased an indoor sandbox before - ours was a big hit. Great idea just to make your own and much cheaper too:)

  4. Love this! My boys would think it is fantastic - I think the lid is genius.

  5. What fun! Brave though ;) My kids would make a HUGE mess!!!

  6. I was thinking of making some sensory bins for DS, but worry about the mess that would get EVERYWHERE

  7. What a fun activity! I love the idea! My grandson would love to stick his hands in this box and find little objects.

  8. Thanks so much for linking up with our Artsy Play Wednesday linky!



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