Thursday, March 28, 2013

Review - Parental Guidance

I had the chance to watch Parental Guidance tonight with hubby and Mr. J. We are both big fans of Billy Crystal, and I love Bette Midler.  I was excited to see them pair up for this family comedy.

Hubby and I are pretty liberal with what we let the kids watch; we fast forward or have them cover their eyes if there are scenes that are inappropriate for their ages.  It has actually become pretty difficult to find a GOOD family comedy that has suitable content for the kids (of all ages), while still keeping us adults entertained.

Parental Guidance definitely fits the family comedy perfectly.  It is rated G, no swearing, no nudity and not really any violence (there is a black eye involved, but the punch isn't shown on-screen)

After the movie ended, I asked Mr. J if he enjoyed it, and he said his favorite part was when "farty" gets his face covered in bingo dabbers, and that he really liked "Carl" the Kangaroo.

If you are looking for a movie to add to your family movie night list, this would be a great one.  Hubby and I laughed almost the entire way through the movie - and that doesn't seem to happen often anymore.

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