Sunday, March 10, 2013

March Break is here!

March Break has arrived, and while I am excited to spend time doing some fun activities with the boys, Mr. J is pretty sad. He doesn't like that he is off school for an entire week (now, if only that continues up until he graduates high school!). With the week off, we have activities planned EVERY DAY!

 Monday - I *plan* on baking with the boys in the morning, and then heading to brinkeetos in the afternoon. 

Tuesday - we have a play date with a neighbour and her 2 children (you would think living a few houses apart we would see each other often, but that's not the case. Her oldest is in morning JK and Mr. J is in afternoon SK so we have opposite schedules!)

Wednesday - afternoon Mr.K is going to his grandmas and I am taking Mr. J to a movie (I think Rise of the Guardians)

Thursday - a visit with Gramz, and probably a trip to the local sugar bush

Friday - Mr. J gets to spend the day with Grandma, and Mr. K and I will find something to do... What about you? How are you spending your March Break?

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