Thursday, March 21, 2013

MailPix - Review

A full view of the book when it is open

A few weeks ago I had the chance to use the MailPix service.  We had lots of photo's from our 2011 Disney Vacation, but they had yet to be printed and put into an album.  I knew this was a great chance for me to create some great photo products (mugs, canvasses, calendars and more).   I took a look at the site and decided that I should go with the 8.5 x 11 photobooks.  It was just the right size for what I was thinking about.

Once I signed up on the site, I uploaded my photo's and set to work.  It was really simple to use, and I had no issues while creating. I loved that there were a number of different styles to choose from, and that I could add writing to the pages if I chose.  It took me less than 1 hour to upload and design my book and send it in to order.

Shipping was pretty quick, and I was very happy with the finished product when it arrived.  The photo's are clear and the words are easy to read.  The colours are sharp and I am very happy with how our family memories turned out.

If you are looking for digital photo printing check out MailPix!

**I was provided with the above product in exchange for a review; all opinions stated are honest and belong to Tales of Mommyhood - your opinion and experiences may vary**


  1. Wow, the quality of that book looks just like excellent! I remember purchasing one of the first photobooks many years ago, and the print quality was definitely not the same!


    1. I have seen some pretty awful ones also; but this was great!

  2. Whoops that cut me off. It sounds very unique and cute fur kids.

  3. I'm a big fan of photobooks because I never get around to printing actual photos lol

  4. I have a least three trips I need to do this wit: South Africa, Cottage rentals (through the years) and NYC last year...thanks for letting me know about MailPix

  5. I've heard of this and it sounds so neat!! The photo book looks amazing and I love personalized photo books like that! Makes for very special way to save memories :)

  6. I love making books out of my pictures. It's such a great way to capture the moment. I've never heard of this company before but it looks very interesting. Thank you for sharing


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