Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fifth's Disease

2 years ago, we traveled to Disney World; just before we were leaving Mr. J ended up sick. Normally I wouldn't have worried, but since we were going to be travelling by airplane I decided to get him checked out.  On top of the beginnings of an ear infection, he also had fifth's disease (slap cheek).  I was assured that you are contagious BEFORE the rash comes out, and since he had the rash we had nothing to worry  about.

Fast forward 2 years and a bit, the boys were playing and I went to the kitchen to make something to eat.  I was gone for FOUR minutes, and when I returned - this is what I saw

fifths disease

His cheeks had been perfectly neutral before I headed downstairs; I was fairly certain that it was fifth's, but he had not had a fever recently so that made me doubt my diagnosis a little bit.  I knew the only way to tell for sure was to wait for the rash to appear.

Sure enough, Monday morning he started to get little hive like bumps on his body, within 15 minutes of finding the first one, the rash started to spread.  His rash was MUCH worse than Mr. J's was. Thankfully, there really isn't much to fifth's other than cold like symptoms and the rash.

child rash
this is just the start of the rash, it got MUCH worse

Have your kids ever had fifth's?

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