Monday, February 25, 2013

My house was invaded by an unwanted guest

Last week started off like any other week. Mr. J had school in the afternoons, Mr. K and I ran errands while he was at school and life was great.

Then, Wednesday night happened.  My hubby had been outside shovelling, and I was bathing Mr. K.  Mr. J was supposed to be outside with his dad, but never made it out.  Hubby called his name, wondering where he was and his response was that he needed help.  He was in the bathroom, and he couldn't open the door.

Hubby broke the handle to get in, and there was Mr. J, surrounded by puke.  I got him all cleaned up and settled on the couch, and then attacked the mess in the bathroom.  He was fine afterwards, and although I REALLY wanted to send him to school the next day, I kept him home the requested 24 hrs and he went back on Friday.

Mr. K and I had speech therapy on Friday, and halfway through the session he threw-up all over the table. Same as Mr. J, he seemed to be fine afterwards. We headed home and kept quiet for the rest of the evening.  Saturday seemed to be uneventful, or so it started.  My IL's had taken Mr. J to gymastics, and then out for lunch.  While in the parking lot, he threw up again.....

Then late in the afternoon, I started to get queasy. I managed to will it away for awhile, but it soon got the best of me and I spent the late evening/early morning getting acquainted with my toilet. I even told hubby I was going to sleep in the bathroom, as it took to much energy to make it from the bed to the bathroom.  A few hours later, an awful thing happened - I heard hubby getting sick.  I honestly panicked, how would we take care of the kids on Sunday if we were both out with the stomach flu?

Neither of us slept, we managed to keep somewhat hydrated, and when the kids woke up on Sunday morning I was able to crawl out of bed and change Mr. K's diaper. Other than that, I did the only thing I could....I left my 5 year old in charge. What else was I to do? I didn't want anyone coming in the house because of the germs, and my mom had to work (otherwise I know she would have ignored my protests and come over anyways). After a few hours, I mustered up the energy to come check on the boys (even though we could hear all that was going on) and this is what I found. 

Almost every toy we owned was taken out, there was food strewn all over the floor, table and couch (although, I should be happy that cereal, cracker chips, and peanut butter sandwiches were chosen instead of the ice cream they could have gotten into!)  Mr. J did a great job making sure that his brother had a drink, and food to eat - and didn't get into too much trouble.

I always hate when I am sick, and even though hubby has to work I know that he will be home at x time and I just have to make it through until then...but this time, we weren't lucky - and this nasty bug got the best of us.

Hubby was hit the hardest, only starting to feel better mid-day today. I spent the morning washing sheets, cleaning and airing out the house. I grabbed my Norwex Enviro Cloth and went on my way wiping door handles, light switches, railings, and faucets. I cleaned out the bathrooms and finally feel like my house is germ free!

Have you escaped this winter without sickness attacking?  What are some of the ways you help to keep germs from spreading?

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  1. Ohhhh I hope you are feeling a bit better now -- all of you!

    I haven't gotten sick in ages. I chalk it up to a good diet and regular exercise... and getting sick very often as a child haha


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