Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Anne of Green Gables

Growing up, for some reason I was drawn to the characters written by LM Montgomery. For as long as I can remember, Anne of Green Gables was my favorite story.  I remember watching the movies over and over, and even though I owned them on VHS, if they were being aired on tv I was sure to tune in.

As I got older, I read the books - I have read the entire series of books 3 or 4  times, and even as an adult I still love them.

When I was out in Halifax for a family reunion as a child, my father took me on the ferry over to PEI, and I had a chance to visit the house. (My brother and cousin that were dragged along didn't appreciate it, but I sure did)  We didn't have the chance to see the play (which I still long to see) but being there, seeing her house and property was something that meant a lot to me.  22 years later, I would still love to go back.

When I think of Anne, I will forever think of Megan Follows - as she is the one who brought her to life (for me). When I heard last week that a US publisher was changing the cover of the book, and that the new "Anne" had blonde hair I was shocked.  Anne is a redhead. Her hair colour is actually QUITE significant to the book and to the character.

After originally reading about the change, I was reading through Tales of a Ranting Ginger and found her take on it also. To see a picture of the new cover, you can check out her blog.


  1. I completely agree - Anne is red-headed!! That's very important!

  2. I just remembered where I put my series! Thank you for jogging my memory. I loved these books as a little girl and I hadn't seen my set for ages. For some reason it just popped into my head where I stored them - thank you!

  3. I absolutely love these books. I remember watching the movies when I was young. I have introduced the stories to my daughter who found the same passion for them as I hold. These can definitely be considered "timeless treasures."

  4. I love these stories. I watch the movies when I was younger and fell in love with them. I have since introduced my daughter to Anne and she too has developed a passion like no other. Anne of Green Gables can definitely be defined as "timeless treasure."

  5. I just discovered the entire collection of these books last year. Why does the publisher think the hair color of Anne need to be blonde? The story of Anne was captured by the fact that Anne had Red hair. There are going to be things that won't make sense if Anne has Blonde hair. I am glad I got to read the books in their original form. They are classic and will never be the same if Anne has to change her hair color.

  6. Anne of green gables was always my favorite stories growing up one of my fondest memories is reading the books


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