Friday, December 14, 2012

Safe Kids Worldwide Sanus Report Child Deaths Injuries from TV Tip-overs

One Child Dies Every Three Weeks from a TV Tipping Over
When your children are first mobile it is pretty standard to "baby proof" your home; you put up baby gates, utilize the plug covers etc.  Something that a lot of parents overlook doing however is making sure that book cases, entertainment units, dressers and tv's are bolted to the wall or some other support system.

These are all items that are heavy and could seriously injure your child, but isn't something that most people think about - I know I didn't.

December 13, 2012 – Washington /PRNewswire/ — A new report released today by Safe Kids Worldwide and SANUS revealed that every three weeks, a child dies from a television tipping over and nearly 13,000 more children are injured each year in the U.S. This represents a 31 percent increase in TV tip-over-related injuries over the last ten years.

The report also revealed that three out of four parents don’t secure their TV to the wall. Most families are unaware that securing a TV is an important safety measure. Others decide not to mount their TVs because of concerns about damaging the wall or installing the TV incorrectly.

“You wouldn’t think to bring a baby home from the hospital without a car seat or have your child ride a bike without a helmet,” said Carr. “Mounting your TV will protect your TV, and most important, your child.”

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  1. Oh my gosh - this is terrifying! I'm going to go check to see if ours our secured.

  2. It's so scary! That's why we mounted our tvs securely on the wall awhile ago. I want to make sure they're safe for the kids!

  3. You are right - I don't think most people think about this. We don't have any young ones here. But it is good to know if any visit to keep our eyes on them very closely!!!!

  4. Actually when our children were much younger, my son pulled the TV on himself. It was medium sized and one of the big box ones. He was 4 but we were lucky it did not hurt him and we were right there to remove. Very scary

  5. I can see this happening, especially with the big older TVs. Ours is secured to the wall as is anything thing tall and heavy that a little once could possibly pull down.

  6. I'm with the others, this is so scary but I'm so glad I read this! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Honestly we always had small TVS ad that was a good thing because one time my oldest girl was playing dancing away in the living room. Lo and behold if the TV doesn't tip right over because she was dancing so close and it landed on her foot. I was horrified. I thought it broke her foot. But we were lucky, it was just a bruise. Now, I totally never leave kids alone and never let them close and also make sure the TV is secured.


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