Monday, December 10, 2012

House hunting and curb appeal

Eight years ago or so, we started looking to buy our first house. It was a really exciting time for us, and we actually only looked at 4 houses. The first house we looked at was really not that great – it had a decent amount of property and was somewhat out in the country, but it just needed way too much work and I wasn't happy with the floor plan. We then looked at another one (all the windows were shot and the house felt “empty”) When we found our current home, I knew immediately that it was the house for us. The moment I walked in the door, it just felt right.

One of the great things about the house was the curb appeal; the yard was maintained well and the windows and doors were in good shape; the garage door was also in great shape.  This all adds up to the external aesthetics of the house – which is really important to me.  We have since replaced our garage door, and we also had to buy a new opener and the springs went on the new door a few years later – but that’s all part of wear and tear.  To see some of the great styles that are available now check out garage doors in Brampton – my favorite style is with the glass panels along the top row – what is your favorite style of door?


  1. My favorite door is red, doesn't matter the style.

  2. You know usually in the 1st 15 seconds when you walk through the door, I have had this experience 3 times when we found our new home


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