Friday, November 23, 2012

New products from Kellogg's

Have you heard what is new from Kellogg's? They have some exciting new products on the shelves - check your local retailer and give them a try! Being a Kellogger is great - I received some FPC's in the mail to go out and grab a few boxes of the new products.

I picked up the Cinnamon Toast Eggo Minis for the boys (they DEVOURED them immediately) and the Flatbread Breakfast Sandwich for myself.

They also have regular Eggo's in a mini version, and their are 3 varieties of Flatbread Sandwiches to choose from.

Another new product they have is Breakfast Shakes that come in Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate  - I am excited to give them a try, but my local store doesn't carry them, so I am on the hunt....

What's your favorite Kellogg's product?


  1. I love Kellogg's products! Having tried both products I can say that both were great!

    Jenna Em

  2. ...oh, missed the question...I especially love Special K with red berries, but enjoy so many of their products, I cannot pick just one!


  3. Those flatbread sandwiches look delicious.
    I love Kelloggs froot loops

  4. My favourite Kellog's product is Mini Wheats (original flavour). They're more filling than a lot of cold breakfast cereals. I like them in summer when oatmeal or porridge seems too hot (though I eat them in winter when I'm in a hurry, too). Hmm... they might be good heated with hot water for a quick, hot breakfast. I'll have to try it.


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