Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lest we forget

Today marks remembrance day - a day that we remember all the soldiers that have fought, and are fighting now. A day to thank those veterans that are still alive, and celebrate the ones that have passed on.

Do you have an veterans in your life? Both of my grandfathers were in the military. My maternal grandfather was a fighter pilot during WWII, and my paternal grandfather was a flight instructor. They have both since passed away, but I remember them today.

My hubby's grandfather was also overseas during the war - he is 90 years old now. Every year I call him to say thank you.


  1. My uncle died a few years ago, but he was a war veteran. He was injured during the war by a flying piece of shrapnel, which eventually resulted in a full leg amputation. He was the most cheerful man you could ever meet.


  2. It's so sweet that you call him to say thank you every year. :)

  3. My grandpa was also served in World War II. He didn't talk much about his experience so we aren't exactly sure what he did besides being an engineer. Very appreciative about the sacrifices he and so many others made for our freedoms.

  4. I think it's very important to thank them. I think it means a great deal to them to knowthat the younger generation still cares about what they did for us.

  5. Remembrance Day is a wonderful time to stop, reflect and honour all the veterans and soldiers who have fought for our freedom. I love that you call your husband's grandfather each year to say "thank you".

  6. What a great tribute, I don't have anyone who has served but, I appreciate the freedom of our beautiful country because of those who do and have. <3


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