Thursday, November 1, 2012

Christmas Neighbourhood Watch: A Few Ideas for Christmas Decorations

By neighbourhood watch, we don't mean keeping a watchful eye out for burglaries in the area. Although this type of neighbourhood watch also can be useful.

This particular version is all about coveting and getting inspired by the houses and people living around you. As the sharp and bracing winter winds keep blowing, it's wonderful to see whole streets light up in a joyful chorus of Christmas lights. Nothing can be more cheerful, save for a mulled wine in front of the fire with loved ones: we have had a look at ways to make your Christmas look even better.

Get People Involved

Co-opting whole streets of people into the festive fun can take lots of patience: why not appeal to their competitive nature and get the ball rolling? How you approach this will depend on your good taste. A classic way to decorate your garden is by placing plain, sleek and blue selection of fairy lights and work them into the naked branches of trees. Along with this you can add a plain and tasteful wreath on your door. If you’re looking for something more eccentric instead, go for all the bells and whistles. On the market you’ll be able to find the most outrageous, bright and ostentatious statues, as well as flashing LED lights, Santa and fake reindeer for the roof line. If you’re not taking either side, plenty of decorations exist somewhere between the two approaches.

Oh Christmas Tree!

One iconic piece of Christmas nostalgia that can be coveted and enjoyed by both inhabitants and the neighbourhood is the tree. Head to a sustainable pine or fir forest and pick up the latest family addition for a good price. Then get some high quality Christmas decorations, like golden leaf infused baubles, tinsel, and delicate angels and reindeer. Have fun with the selection of these decorations, they add a gorgeous ambiance to any lounge room. Successively, it’ll be time deck the halls with people for the glorious moment of lighting the tree. Don't forget to open up the blinds and let the neighbours and passers-by enjoy the view every evening.

This year, make Christmas extra special by taking the time to seek out the prettiest and most delicate decorations: the family and the neighbourhood will thank you for it.


  1. We live in an area where there are many empty nesters, so only a few homes have decorations up. However, we family & I always stop to look at the beautiful lights.


  2. what lovely ideas although we don't celebrate we enjoy the season by decorating :) we love the lights in the winter snow

  3. Great idea! We are country folks. But we love to take the time to drive through the city and look at the lights!

  4. We love decorating for christmas, won't be breaking out the boxes just yet.... but soon!


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