Monday, October 15, 2012

random facts about me

Eeyore is my favorite disney character

  • I am 5'2"
  •  I have blue eyes
  •  I can ACTUALLY touch the tip of my tongue to the tip of my nose
  •  Harrison Ford is my favorite actor
  •  Julia Roberts is my favorite actress (as well as pretty woman being right up there in the film category)
  •  Charlie Major and Randy Travis are my favorite country singers
  •  dirty dancing is one of my favorite movies, and as much as it bugs my hubby, I can recite the lines of the entire film while we watch it
  •  there goes my baby is another favorite of mine. My cousin and I discovered it in high school and it was one of the ones that got rented more times than I care to count
  •  I had a winter wedding
  •  we honeymooned at Walt Disney World - just like I always wanted
  •  I have 1 sibling
  • I had a mishap with my finger that led to 7 years of pain (gross, pictures - not for those weak in the stomach)
  •  I worked at a video store for 7 years (started in high school and worked my way up to management)
  •  one of my favorite places to go is my fathers grave - it is right on the water, and makes me feel relaxed to be there
  • I love to bake and have a passion for decorating cakes


  1. How much fun to read your random facts. I've been doing some as well. Great to get to know you a bit better!

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

  2. I loved reading your "Random Facts"...I also love Eeyore, Dirty Dancing and Pretty Women!

  3. nice to get to know you better! a winter wedding would be lovely!

  4. Love your random facts! Thank you for sharing. :)

  5. you like to decorate cakes... when do you find the time?


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