Saturday, October 13, 2012

Local business spotlight - Brinkeetos

A few months ago, I discovered a local business – Brinkeetos. A friend of mine was working there, and when they started opening for daytime drop-ins, we went to check it out. My children had a ton of fun, and kept asking to go back.  Over the summer, we tried to make weekly trips to play – and Mr. J was actually one of the first kids to attend their pd day “camp”.  It isn't your usual play center for kids – adults can enjoy the activities just as much (I had forgotten how good of a workout hula-hooping could be!).  Below you will find a Q&A with Brinkeetos owner, Tairy!

1) Tell us a little about YOU!
I arrived to Canada in 2003 from Venezuela. I graduated in Computer Science and Management while feeling compelled to work with children. I decided to study Child Development and have taken courses on Infant Massage, Yoga for Children, as well as many other children’s programs. I am constantly seeking knowledge to apply it to Brinkeetos where I use the basics of psychomotricity on every program I design and in every interaction I have with kids.

2) How did you come up with the idea for Brinkeetos?
That’s a tough question, it wasn't something that one day I woke up, shouted “eureka!”, and Brinkeetos was born. It was a more gradual idea. I wanted children to have fun, to have a clean environment where they would be free to explore, play, and keep active. I wanted something child-centered instead of created for adults and then adapted to children. I wanted them to have a healthy lifestyle. Thus, Brinkeetos was born.

3) What is the purpose of Brinkeetos?
It’s a holistic approach to children’s development, setting up children’s path to a healthy lifestyle. All our activities are meant to keep children active while having fun and learning. For example, when children climb our climbing wall, they are not only working on their upper body, they are also working on having a better hand writing, working on problem solving, body awareness, and even math!

4) What ages are the classes geared for?
There is something for everybody! From infant massage for babies that are not crawling yet, to Date Night where we have an older crowd, it was originally created 0 to 9 years old but I've had 10 year olds having lots of fun at a Date Night. All the equipment adapts pretty well through the ages, it always depends on the crowd we have at any specific moment.

5) What programs/services are offered?
·        Infant Massage
·        Sensory classes
·        Brink Yoga
·        Brink Dance
·        Circuit classes
·        Drop-in & Play
·        Brink Care (1.5h Drop-off)
·        Date Night
·        PD Day Fun
·        Birthday Parties

6) What benefit is there to the kids?
There are so many benefits! There are some that are physical, such as:
·        Coordination & Balance
·        Cardio
·        Endurance
·        Strength
·        Gross Motor Development
·        Fine Motor Development
·        Upper & lower body training

And so many more benefits, such as:
·        Listening skills
·        Problem solving skills
·        Challenging oneself
·        Encouragement of imagination
·        Body awareness
·        Hand-eye coordination
·        Math skills
·        And so much more!

If your in Ottawa, I highly urge you to check it out - there are so many options for activities - or even just a rainy/cold day activity at the drop in. Mr. J had so much fun at the PD Day Fun, he will be going back again! Check out a few of the pictures I have taken of the boys during our visits.

Kyle attempting the climbing wall

the boys playing in the ball pit


  1. What a wonderful program! I sure wish we had something like that here as well!

  2. So awesome! I agree with Cheryl, I wish we had a place like this in our community for our kids to go and have fun!

  3. I wish we had a place like this close by as well. It looks like a very safe environment for kids to explore.

  4. Wow, I wish we had that here too!

  5. That looks like a lot of fun for the kids and for you. I'm interested in infant message and looking to do a course in Victoria where I live.

  6. My girlfriend is always looking for different and educational activities to do. I think we'll have to make this a playdate! Thanks for sharing.

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

  7. Good luck. I think this sounds like a winner. I love how much thought the owner has given to this and wish it were closer.

  8. This looks like an amazing place for families! :) THanks for sharing, wish we were closer too!

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