Saturday, October 13, 2012

Halloween is coming

Halloween is BIG fun in our household. My hubby gets really into it - we have a few large blow up decorations that find a home on our lawn! He does a pretty good set up - we constantly get comments on it from the parents of the trick or treaters!

Hubby and Mr. J pick out our pumpkins, and then I do most of the carving (we all choose our own designs, but for some reason it's me that gets the job done).

Halloween day I normally take the kids to our local mall for the "safe" trick or treating - it is really meant for the wee ones, a chance for them to get in on the candy action and wearing their costumes! This year - we will be heading to Brinkeetos for their Halloween party!  Mr. J has school in the afternoon and then we will go trick or treating after supper!

We go as a family to the houses that we know, and then I will bring Mr. K back to the house to finish handing out candy, while hubby and my FIL take Mr. J around the neighbourhood. Next year Mr.K will be able to join them, but this year it would be too much.

What are some of your halloween traditions?

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