Saturday, October 20, 2012

Guys and Dolls

As the title says, this post is about and guys and dolls - but not the musical. It's about little boys playing with dolls.

Mr. K has been obsessed with babies for the last 6 or 8 mths. Completely obsessed with them. About 2 months ago, we were at walmart and he found a doll - he grabbed it, and wouldn't let go. The doll is pink and purple, and I bought her for him.

We brought her home, and he LOVES her. He feeds her, gives her drinks, attempts to put a diaper on her and puts her to bed. He drags her all over the house.  As I said, he loves her..when he wakes up, if he can't see her - he immediately asks where baby is.

You know what else he loves to play with? Trucks, cars, and trains; he loves to help me bake, and cook - and he loves to put on lipstick and nail polish....and you know what - I let him. I am not concerned with him having an interest in feminine things.. Why? because he likes doing these things. Both of the boys do, actually - and I have never steered them in one direction or the other. Why not? because I believe that they will have lots of interests over the years, some will stick around, and others will not.

I am not quite sure WHY people have issues with little boys wearing pink, or playing with dolls. It doesn't make sense to me. They are children exploring the world around them; letting themselves get creative and discovering their own interests.  I don't want to push my kids into things because they are boys and SHOULD like them. Just like I won't keep them away from things that are deemed to be "girly".

I have never understood why it was ok for girls to play with trucks, play in the dirt and be considered a "tomboy" but that boys shouldn't be allowed to play with feminine toys......what about you? would you be ok with your boy having a "girly" doll? pushing a stroller?


  1. i would be okay with my children playing with all types of toys lovely pictures :)

  2. I'm like you, I never minded if my son played with "girl" toys, which he often did just like I never minded my daughter playing with "boy" toys, which she often did. Both are completely fine!

  3. I was dealing with this only not with dolls. My son likes to wear make-up and paint his nails pink. I say whatever. Kids are free to explore who they are and whether they play with girl toys or not doesn't define the heart inside of them or who they will become. Great post!

  4. I just comment on another blog today, that my son wears pink socks to school, if that is all I can find - and that is okay. Society frowns upon that, but clothes or colours don't make a child/person, and neither does the toys a little kid plays with.

  5. Kids are kids and they'll play with what makes them happy :) They like to explore new things and new colours, which is natural! As long as they're happy, then that's all that matters ;)

  6. There's nothing wrong with boys playing with dolls as much as there's nothing wrong with girls playing with trucks. My son has always shown an interest in his older sisters toys wether they are baby dolls, barbie dolls, littlest pet shop toys etc he finds them intriguing and I notice kids their ages use toys to roleplay which is normal in learning and development. So, I like your sons doll! I think shes great! :)


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