Thursday, October 18, 2012

Days of our Lives - Nicole

I am a huge Days fan - always have been...I don't have a chance to watch it daily, so I PVR it and watch it after everyone goes to bed!  I am a little behind in my DOOL watching - about a week to be exact. If you haven't seen it lately and don't want spoilers - then don't read on.

I was so happy for Nicole with the pregnancy - everything was going so smoothly and now they have the baby die in utero. I think I knew somewhere they wouldn't let the story line play out happily, but I was still surprised with this ending to it....and then to continue watching and have her start lying again....ahh - enough with the lies - but, I will give it Arianne Zucker with her terrific acting.


  1. I am also a Days fan..I have been wathing since the late 70's, early 80's I agree, they should not have done that to Nicole. I cant believe that Bo will be leaving sad...but more adventures to look forward to now that they have brought Eileen Davidson back as Kristen. With her being back I am sure EJ's mom Susan will be showing up also.

  2. I am excited that eileen is back too....but I just hope that she isn't here to cause trouble for John and Marlena..... I didn't realize bo was actually leaving the show? I thought he was just leaving the force...hmm, will have to do some digging on that one.


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