Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ontario Poison Centre

Do you ever have days, where you should know from early on that it is going to be a horrible day? That was me yesterday. I should have known, that when it started off by me having to call Ontario Poison Centre hotline that I was in for a rough day.

The boys were happily playing trains in the basement - so I went upstairs to get dressed. I didn't hurry, because they were  in the playroom and I knew they were ok.  I was dawdling, tidying up the bathroom a bit when I hear Julien (trying to be quiet) say to Kyle "we have to be quiet, cause Mommy will say these will make us sick" uh-oh - I bee-line downstairs, to find them sitting in our living room, Julien with an open bottle of adult multi-vitamins, and Kyle with one in his hand.  I ask Julien, calmly, how many he had - and he replies 1. I ask how many Kyle had, he said he was not counting, but 10-15.....oh boy. So, I look at the bottle, and see there is no iron (my heart steadies a bit) I look at the rest of the ingredients, and think the vit A might be a problem, so I decided to call the Poison centre - just to be safe. Before I called, I counted the vitamins left, and knew the MOST he had was 7.

Of course, I had to look up the # on my computer (so for all you reading this, go write the # down on your fridge RIGHT NOW).  I put the call in, a very nice nurse answers the phone and I tell her my issue. She asks me a couple questions, does a calculation and then informs me that for the pills to be toxic to my children, they would have had to ingested 240 tablets each - my heart is now beating normally. She said that there would be zero side effects - that made me happy. Then she mentioned something, that vitamins etc should not be kept up high, as it just entices kids to climb to get them. Instead, buy a lock box, keep the items in the LOCKED box, and keep it low so that they are not tempted to climb to find out what is in the box.

So that was my start to the day....and while my children came out at the end of the day alive and well, it was a day filled with constant battles and crankiness.


  1. Omg....I can only imagine your worry and panic! I'm so glad the dose they took wasn't harmful and they're ok! Thanks for posting about it though, because I don't know the number to our poison control :S I'm going to look that up today and make sure I have it on the fridge!!

    1. I even have a pad on my fridge that has a place to write in the #, and I never did.....

  2. What a scary way to start the day...thank goodness everyone ended up being fine.

  3. OMG, glad they are going to be okay! I would have freaked out too! Thanks for these tips, I always have the numbers in my cell phone and fridge. You never know.

  4. I am glad they were so great at helping you out and getting you the answers you needed FAST!


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