Wednesday, July 4, 2012

He turned 5 today

today is my oldest sons birthday - he is a whole hand now.  I think back to when he was born, and the rough start he had to life and am so thankful that he is here with us.  I was induced early due to pre-eclampsia, and our little guy was born at approx. 36weeks gestation. He was a great size - 6lbs 3oz and he was a fighter from the start.

He was transferred to our local children's hospital at 24 hrs old because his breathing wgetting worse (he had issues with his lungs because he was early). When my hubby got to the hospital he found out they needed to intubate our baby as he wasn't able to get enough air on his own, and they had to insert a chest tube in his right lung as it had collapsed. Over the next few days, his other lung started to develop an air pocket but it fixed itself, and the first one healed as well.  When he was 10days old, he was released from the hospital and has done amazingly well.

His start in life

And today

Happy birthday Julien - love you so much!


  1. Wish a Happy Birthday 5th birthday to a sweet little fighter! Glad all is now well with him.

  2. Happy Birthday, buddy! Enjoy your special day.

  3. Wow! What a special time this is for you guys! 5 is such a fun age! Happy Birthday to your awesome little boy!

  4. Happy birthday!! I am happy everything is ok now. Enjoy your day

  5. Happy birthday, Julien!


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