Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I was the mom

You know the mom/dad you see in the mall carrying a kicking/screaming child; the one that you can empathize with, but that you never want to be? That was me - yesterday.

It was a rainy day, the kids were going crazy at home. My mom and I decided we would head out to a local mall (I needed to get a new pair of glasses) so off we headed.

The whole way there, Mr. J kept saying he wanted to go to Funhaven (local attraction) - I should have known right then to turn the car around, but off we headed.

The original plan was for my mom to take the kids to get something to eat, and I would meet them there after looking at the optical stores. Julien would have none of it - he wanted to stay with me. So off we went, but we never made it to the optical store - had to make a detour to the bathroom....once he was finished, he wanted to go find Gramz and get something to eat. He was being a little rambunctious (to say the least) but when we got to the food court my mom was waiting for the food she had ordered...I figured he would calm down a bit once he got some lunch...again, I was wrong - he only got more agitated after eating.

Mom had a few things to get at the pharmacy, so she headed off with Mr. K. Mr. J wanted to stay with me; once again - I should have known that I was in trouble.....

We passed a small child's merry -go- round, you know the little electric rides? He wanted to go on it, and I hoped that if he did something for him, that it would help...nope - again, I was wrong. We finally caught up to my mom and Mr. K, and I knew I had to get Mr. J out of the mall - he was acting like a wild, I did what I had to do... I kept my calm (surprisingly) I spoke as low as I could - and I picked him up and headed for the car.  He fought me (and it is really sad, but at just shy of 5 he IS stronger than me) he kicked me, he pulled my hair, he slapped my face and he even tried to rip my shirt off (bet the folks staring loved that show).

I had to set him down 3 times for fear of dropping him....we made it outside, and to the car (both of us in one piece, surprisingly) and after a long struggle, finally got him in his carseat and done up.

So yes, I was THAT parent at the mall yesterday


  1. OH I hate those days. Sadly, I figured if I was a great mom they would never happen to me. HAHA. Yeah right, they happen OFTEN. My three year old is terribly moody right now.

  2. Oh no! I make sure not to judge parents whose kids are acting like that as it could just as easily be me. By sharing your side of the story, it's good because it shows others that just because a kid is having a fit, doesn't mean the parent isn't a good one.

    1. I have never judged parents for their kids behavior - but I will admit that sometimes I judge them for their REACTION to it....horrible of me, I know

  3. With a 3.5 year old and 2 year old - I'll be honest - our outings to malls and public places are VERY limited unless daddy is with us - I can't handle the both of them melting down on me! You are not alone with the publicly melting down child!!!

  4. I've been there for sure, and it's never fun. Sounds like you handled it perfectly Mama. But sorry you never got your glasses :(

  5. Awww! It happens to everyone. EVERYONE. Hugs!

  6. We've all been me! :)

  7. I don't have children. But when I see this I always feel for the parent! Sending ((hugz))

  8. Awww, my first child was so calm and collected. NEVER did this to me. I was never THAT parent. BUT, my second one has given me those moments enough for both of them. Don't worry m'dere, if anyone has a problem, oh well!


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