Sunday, May 27, 2012

May Grocery Challenge - update

With me having done my final grocery shop for the month of May, I am sad to update that  I did not meet my challenge. In fact, I stayed right about where I normally am.($624/mth = $124/week)

I am happy to report that I DID save a total of $97.00 for the month between coupons and price matching (which is equivalent to approx 15% of my total - meaning that on top of what I spent, I got 15% MORE than what I normally would!)

A few thoughts on why I did not achieve my target - when planning out the month, I forgot that with May falling hte way it did I would be doing FIVE grocery shops instead of FOUR.  We had company for dinner 3 nights - which is extra that I was NOT planning on (but great food and a great time had, so it was worth it) It has been hot - so treats were added in (a box of freezies - this should last us until end of June, or mid - July) and a box of drumsticks as well.

If I factor in these amounts, and minus them - I am still over budget, but only by approx.$110.00

Thanks for following along - I am still going to try and get the grocery bill down further than what I have been. My goal is to save approx 25-30% every month!

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